The silver sword

Fra FAR forteller
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Once upon a time a dwarfen blacksmith forged a magnificent silver sword, the likes of which had never been seen before or since. The other dwarfs became jealous, because however hard they tried they could not match the craftsmanship put into the silver sword in their own work. Then jealousy turned into anger, and anger into hate, and in their dark dwelling places they started to scheme and plot against the blacksmith and his all too wonderful sword. A few days later, while the dwarfen blacksmith was at his well to fetch some more water, someone came up behind him and pushed him into the well, never to be seen by dwarfs again.

The dwarfs grieved the loss of their most skilled blacksmith with a craving for his silver sword in their envious hearts, and soon everyone gathered at his now cold smithy to retrieve it for themselves. A fight broke out, battle axes were swung in the air, ready to cleave a fellow dwarf. Suddenly, the old master dwarf, shouted "Halt!" with his bellowing voice, and proclaimed the silver sword to have become cursed and imprecated with evil upon the disappearance of its true master. The silver sword made them turn against themselves. The dwarfs could not remove the curse, but quickly cast protective spells around the silver sword to make sure the curse could not affect them, and the old master dwarf forbade anyone to go near the smithy of its true master.

Years past, and the old master dwarf finally died. On that very night a group of dwarfs, for it must have been dwarfs, entered the smithy where the silver sword had been for so long, and made a new attempt to lift the curse. They had studied the lifting of curses, they had schemed and made devious plots, but at what would have been the break of dawn down in those mines, they had as yet not succeeded, when suddenly a calm voice could be heard from the silver sword. In the voice of its true master, the sword spoke:

"So be it, dwarfs. You have lifted The Curse of Civil War I put upon the sword. In return for your efforts, I give you The silver sword of the Decider. There is no curse inside the sword anymore. Whoever holds the sword, decides which side wins a war. If you think about it for more than a minute, I believe you will find this an even more effective curse, because this time it resides in you and cannot be lifted, except by your own good judgement."